Faculty of Pharmacy celebrated yesterday Sunday, Sept. 18 in cooperation with the Union of Pharmacists and the Health Ministry MontassMs. Dr. / Inas er, director of pharmacy management on the occasion of attaining sovereignty age pension.

I wish her every happiness and success in her future

College of Pharmacy, participated in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at the establishment of a convoy second conjunctivitis area Gheit grapes, on Thursday, 09.08.2016, where the college students preparing Pharmacy conjunctivitis and dispensing of the cases that have been detected by was the work of a measure of blood sugar and blood pressure for patients and taught by professors of Ophthalmology Faculty of Medicine detects on about 300 cases and conducting 20 surgeries, as has been disbursed number of eyeglasses for some cases addition to the participation of Pharmacy students in the distribution of in-kind assistance to the people of the region.


Stmrara of the activity of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the field of medical convoys, the College in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of cultural entertainment charity visit to the area Gheit grapes on 08/28/2016 participated in the visit medication Bank Foundation good of Egypt and the Association of Rowan charity.

The Prof. Mohamed Abdul Samad and Prof. Sameh Arab educating patients about diabetes and pressure, where the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine team scans for diabetes and pressure.

He gave Prof. Fawzi Abdel-Moneim educational seminar about gynecology.

Was the work of conjunctivitis revealed to the children and take the necessary procedures for the visually impaired.

In addition to the participation of college students healthy awareness of children and the work of puppet theater and distribution of sweets and juices.

At the end of the visit was the distribution of food by the Co-visit in institutions.