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Crisis management plan and emergency evacuation
Plan goals

Evacuating the buildings from their occupants as soon as they hear the fire alarm, by directing them to the pre-determined assembly points in each building

Forming and training the Crisis and Emergency Management Team in each building and defining the duties and tasks assigned to each of them to serve as a general framework for implementing evacuation plans, firefighting and rescue operations, and a guide for protecting individuals in coordination and cooperation with the Civil Defense Department

Controlling the danger and preventing the spread of fires, and working to reduce the losses resulting from them sufficiently through the use of effective fire fighting methods

Duties of a crisis management team

A crisis management team is formed from the building occupants and its members are assigned the following duties

Guiding building occupants to the way to escape routes, emergency exits, and assembly points

Transfer of documents and items of value

Providing first aid and raising the morale of the building occupants, especially students

Fighting fires and assisting fire and rescue teams

Duties of students and staff in emergency situations

Be calm and not be confused

Immediately stop work

Cut off the electrical current from the place

Not to use elevators

Go to the assembly points through the escape routes and emergency exits

Warning students not to run or bypass their classmates, so that no injuries occur among them

Do not risk your life and do not return to the building, whatever the reasons, unless you are authorized to do so by officials

How to behave in the event of a fire

Broken fire alarm glass to turn it on

Inform the fire room immediately on the emergency number

Fighting the fire, if possible, by using the nearest extinguisher suitable for the type of fire as follows

Pull the safety pin on the extinguisher

Point the extinguisher nozzle at the location of the fire

Press the knob to turn on the extinguisher

Make sure that the place you stand is not dangerous to you and that you can escape if the fire spreads

Duties of fire fighting teams

Determine the location of fires by noting the illustration of the fire alarm system

To fight fire by means of extinguishing the building

Ensure that the windows and doors are closed in order to prevent the spread of fire to the rest of the building components

Cooperating with the specialized teams of the Civil Defense and Fire Department by guiding them to the location and type of fire and the available extinguishing equipment and means

Duties of heads of departments and units in all departments

Ensure that doors and windows are closed, except for the exits designated for evacuation operations

Ensure that the electrical current is switched off

Supervising evictions

Ensure communication with the competent authorities (Civil Defense - Ministry of Health)

Ensure the arrival of the specialized teams to manage civil defense and fire

Go to the gathering point to ensure that all workers are present and that none of them are left inside the building

Responsibilities and duties of departmental managers

Ensure that all building occupants are fully aware of the escape routes and have familiarity with their use

Ensure that all doors installed at the emergency exits and the corridors leading to them are open throughout official working hours and that they are easy to open outside (the direction of people rushing)

Ensure that all escape routes are clear of obstacles and that they are completely clear to the occupants of the building and affixed to the guiding signs indicating them.

Duties of the university guard

Securing the building and maintaining order

Preventing entry of any non-specialized personnel inside the building

Preventing anyone from leaving the main gate until the end of the evacuation and control of the crisis and the end of the emergency

Waiting for specialized teams of civil defense men to guide them to the site of the fire

Video about the committee and its tasks

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