Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy - Alexandria University - is working to create an educational and research environment to keep pace with the growing development in the fields of education, learning, training and scientific research in line with the quality standards of higher education in order to provide the health care system with pharmacists and researchers capable of facing the steady challenges of the profession of pharmacy as well as seeking to establish a dynamic partnership that contributes to Developing the pharmaceutical industries, community service and environmental development. In order to achieve this mission, the college exerts all its efforts to achieve the following goals

1- Preparing qualified pharmacists with specialized knowledge, professional skills and ethical values ​​based on standardized standards.

2- Developing research plans, supporting scientific research in the college’s departments, encouraging participation in research projects and cooperating with the pharmaceutical industries sector.

3- Preparing and training the scientific cadres from the faculty members to carry out their educational, research and advisory tasks.

4- Continuous development and updating of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and curricula to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

5- Commitment to community participation, providing the community with experts, providing professional services and specialized programs for the development of continuous professional performance.

6- Supporting the concept of environmental trust and its development, spreading environmental awareness and participating in its activities inside the college and the surrounding community.

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