The study of pharmacy began in the faculty of medicine Farouk  university at Alexandria in the academic year 1947.At that time the school temporarily occupied some building of the faculty of Medicine.

A special building for pharmacy was established and studies started in August 1st 1956 in Azarita close by the location of the faculty of Medicine.

At that time the school offered a four year pharmacy program including pre-pharmacy. The Bachelor degree of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry was offered after the fulfillment of an obligatory period of training in pharmacies. The school also offered diplomas, Master's and Doctoral degrees.

In November 1956, law No.345 declared the independence of the school of pharmacy as a separate faculty among the faculties of the University of Alexandria; a new curriculum has been designed for the faculty and new requirements were introduced to commensurate with the scientific program in pharmaceutical industry at the global level.

  • The program became a five year program including pre-pharmacy, starting from January 1964.
  • In August 1970 the curriculum was modified to grant Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences instead of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry. Master and Ph. D degrees were also offered in pharmaceutical sciences.