Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, is considered one of the leading faculties in pharmacy education in Egypt. It started as the School of Pharmacy in 1947, as part of the Faculty of Medicine at Farouk I University. In November 1956, Law No. 245 was issued to transform the School of Pharmacy into an independent faculty in Alexandria University. The duration of the study was three years preceded by a preparatory year. Later, it became four years after the preparatory year where the first class graduated with a five-year study system was in 1964. The academic degree awarded by the faculty was the Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and it was changed to the bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the year 1970, and then to the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in 2014. The faculty had four academic departments when it was established: Pharmaceutics (including microbiology), chemistry (including analytical chemistry), pharmacognosy and pharmacology. Then, the departments became seven, which are (1) pharmaceutics, (2) pharmaceutical chemistry, (3) pharmaceutical analytical chemistry, (4) pharmacognosy, and (5) pharmacology and toxicology, (6) industrial pharmacy and (7) microbiology and immunology. Recently, the Department of pharmaceutical biochemistry was added to the academic structure of the faculty, and finally a ninth department, the department of pharmacy practice, was added in 2019. In view of the great increase in the number of students admitted to the faculty over the years, the university created a new building to accommodate the increasing numbers of students. The construction work began in that building in 1995, and the cost of construction reached 25 million Egyptian pounds from the state budget, and it was furnished with contributions from pharmaceutical companies and graduates of the faculty until it opened in October 2003. Because of the faculty devotion to enhancement of its educational programs to keep up with pace of development in the pharmacy profession, the faculty introduced the “Clinical Pharmacy” program in September 2009, where the first intake of this program graduated in June 2014. During recent years the faculty started taking steps towards institutional accreditation and accreditation of educational programs in accordance with the standards of “The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education – NAQAAE”. The faculty was awarded the accreditation by Resolution No. 155 dated 27/6/2016 from NAQAAE and this accreditation was renewed at 24/11/2021.

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