Faculty Of Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial pharmacy is a discipline that comprises manufacturing, advancement, optimization, scaling up and appropriation of various drug delivery systems. The department deals with various dosage forms including novel nanotechnology-based dosage forms that target various life-threatening diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and diabetic wounds.

The industrial pharmacy branch also covers the quality assurance, with its two branches: quality control and Good Manufacturing Practice, mainly to detect and eliminate any defects in the intermediate and final manufactured products.

The department aims at providing students with the theoretical basis of various unit operations involved in the manufacture of both pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceuticals along with the development, scaling-up and packaging of various dosage forms. The department also supplies the students with broad theoretical and technical knowledge in the drug design field.

The research domain deals with enhancement and assessment of physicochemical properties of drug moieties through their incorporation into various dosage forms.

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