Faculty of Pharmacy

Measurements and Assessments unit



Achieving excellence in measurements and assessments tools and this will lead to increase competitiveness among national and international universities.


Mission :

Continuous follow up of the measurements and assessment methods in the faculty through increasing awareness, training, analysis of the exams, monitor feedback mechanisms and confirming the alignments of assessment methods with the intended learning outcomes of the courses.



Measurements and Assessments unit in the faculty of pharmacy aims to :

1 - Promote the culture of continuous development of measurement and evaluation systems.

2 - Activate and follow-up question banks In view of the goals and criteria set for the decisions of the programs in the faculty.

3 - Update and follow-up on the question banks In view of the objectives and standards set for the decisions of the programs in the faculty.

4- Following up on enhancing the electronic infrastructure necessary for the unit's work.

5 - Follow up on activating the ethical charter for student evaluation systems in the college.

6 - Following up on strengthening the ethical charter for the college student evaluation systems.

7 - Activating and following up the faculty measurement and evaluation standards guide.

8 - Application and follow-up of electronic examinations, electronic correction, analysis of test results, and application of feedback mechanisms to take corrective actions if needed.

9 - Encouraging research in the field of developing measurement and evaluation systems and encouraging the exchange of experiences in this field.

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