Faculty of Pharmacy

The Quality Assurance Unit was established in the College of Pharmacy - University of Alexandria in 2004 in accordance with the decision of the College Board on 10/11/2004, where the unit was approved as an administrative entity specialized in following up and evaluating performance within the college. The compliance of these regulations with the mission and goals of the college and the university's strategy in the field of quality assurance was taken into consideration.

Unit vision :

Reaching the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, to achieve best practices in all fields in light of local and international quality standards.

The message of unit :

Strengthening and raising the faculty’s ability to excel in the field of pharmacy education, scientific research and pharmaceutical services through continuous evaluation and follow-up to ensure the quality of performance in all educational, research and administrative sectors of the college.

Objectives of the Quality Assurance Unit:

Spreading the culture of quality and awareness of the importance of quality education and accreditation within the college among faculty members, the assisting body, administrators and students.

Preparing qualified cadres to implement and follow up the college's quality assurance system.

Technical support for the scientific and administrative departments for continuous development and improvement to reach the highest levels of quality performance.

Supporting the implementation of the National Academic Standards for the Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority.

Supporting the creation of a database and documenting the information and activities that take place within the college.

Providing faculty members, the assisting staff, and college staff with renewable knowledge in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms.

Unit tasks:

Setting the vision, mission and goals of the quality assurance unit in the college and documenting them by the college council.

Establishing the organizational and administrative structure of the unit and approving it by the college council.

Spreading the culture of quality and awareness of the importance of quality education by organizing and holding workshops, training courses, meetings and meetings with different groups.

In the college, preparing flyers, posters, advertisements, and brochures

Follow up the preparation of documents related to the program files (description and reports for decisions and the program) in accordance with the requirements and forms of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation and to fulfill all the items mentioned in the forms and to benefit from the results of students ’evaluation of the course and the program and activate the proposed improvement plans.

Preparing questionnaires for different groups in the college, the graduate and the external beneficiary to propose the vision and mission of the college and the strategic plan in line with the vision, mission and plan of the university and Egypt 2030 vision for sustainable development

Discussing quality issues in the college council, main committees and department boards

Activating the role of the external and internal auditor for the program and decisions (all areas of specialization) and benefiting from the opinions of the resident in the process of improvement and development

Preparing self-studies / annual reports for the college and developing improvement plans

Preparing all documents and reports (certified and authenticated) at the unit’s headquarters, ready to visit the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation

Preparing annual plans and reports for the activities of the Quality Assurance Unit in relation to the mechanisms of following up the activities of the college in the three sectors (education and students - graduate studies and research - community service and environmental affairs) in cooperation with the specialized faculty agents

Communicate and interact with the University's Quality Assurance Center to evaluate performance to achieve and ensure the implementation of the quality system

Study the training needs of faculty members, the assisting body, and administrators, develop training plans to develop their capabilities, and make reports to follow up on these plans

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