Faculty of Pharmacy



The Faculty consists of two buildings (the “Old” and “New” buildings) for laboratories, lecture halls and staff member offices, in addition to a third building for administrative offices.

The Dean’s office and the vice Dean’s for community service and environmental development are located on the first floor of the “New” building. The Faculty council room and the quality assurance unit are also on the first floor of the “New” building. The vice Deans for student affairs and graduate studies and research have their offices on the fourth floor of the “Old” building, together with the IT unit.

The administrative offices: students’ affairs, post graduate students’ affairs, graduates’ affairs and staff members’ affairs as well as the executive chief of staff’s office are on the administrative building.


The Faculty houses nine academic departments:

-Department of Pharmaceutics  :(first floor of old building and third floor of new building).

-Department of Industrial Pharmacy : (ground floor of old building).

-Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry :(second floor of old building and sixth floor of new building).

-Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry : (second and fifth floors of old building and fourth floor of new building).

-Department of Pharmacognosy : (third floor of old building and fifth floor of new building).

-Department of Pharmacology : (fourth floor of old building and seventh floor of new building.

-Department of Microbiology and Immunology : (fifth floor of old building and eighth floor of new building).

-Department of pharmacy practice and Clinical Pharmacy

-Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

The laboratories are located on the respective floors, according to the departments they serve. Besides, two simulation labs are located on the third and fifth floors of the old building.

The Faculty library is located in the sixth floor of the old building, it contains various specialized, scientific books and periodicals in the field of pharmacy. A modern digital library is also available for the easy access of international databases.

The Faculty also houses an information technology center in the ground floor of the new building. The center is UNESCO accredited and it offers the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) programme


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