Faculty of Pharmacy

The Central Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, contributes to achieving the ideal laboratory performance at the university and provides the necessary environment to assist faculty members and train researchers to carry out various analysis work for all parties and also complete the educational process for students by holding training courses on advanced laboratory equipment and granting them accredited certificates that qualify them to work in laboratories and research centers .

- The good work system that was put in place in the previous period, which depends on the existence of a daily work record for the plant and a monthly account record for each device (revenues versus expenses) and reports on the faults occurring ..... etc., has been continued. Previous or current period.

- The measurement prices in the laboratory have been modified in proportion to the transitional phase that the country is going through, which led to the increase in the prices of spare parts for devices and various supplies, but this amendment did not affect in any way the largest sector of users of central laboratory equipment from members of the faculty or auxiliary body, taking into account For changing economic conditions.

For laboratory equipment in order to prepare it for effective advertising Flyer - Follow up on the preparation of scientific content

For the lab outside the college.

Conducting external courses and handing over university-approved certificates, which leads to an increase in the laboratory's income.

The central laboratory measured the samples during the mentioned period for the following authorities:

Pharco Pharmaceutical Company

Alexandria Faculty of Sciences - Damanhour

College of Engineering

Alexandria Faculty of Agriculture - Damanhour

Faculty of Human / Dental Medicine

faculty of Pharmacy

Pharos University College of Pharmacy

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