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The Central Laboratory of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, contributes to achieving the ideal laboratory performance at the university and provides the necessary environment to assist faculty members and train researchers to carry out various analysis work for all parties and also complete the educational process for students by holding training courses on advanced laboratory equipment and granting them accredited certificates that qualify them to work in laboratories and research centers .

- The good work system that was put in place in the previous period, which depends on the existence of a daily work record for the plant and a monthly account record for each device (revenues versus expenses) and reports on the faults occurring ..... etc., has been continued. Previous or current period.

- The measurement prices in the laboratory have been modified in proportion to the transitional phase that the country is going through, which led to the increase in the prices of spare parts for devices and various supplies, but this amendment did not affect in any way the largest sector of users of central laboratory equipment from members of the faculty or auxiliary body, taking into account For changing economic conditions.

For laboratory equipment in order to prepare it for effective advertising Flyer - Follow up on the preparation of scientific content

For the lab outside the college.

Conducting external courses and handing over university-approved certificates, which leads to an increase in the laboratory's income.

The central laboratory measured the samples during the mentioned period for the following authorities:

Pharco Pharmaceutical Company

Alexandria Faculty of Sciences - Damanhour

College of Engineering

Alexandria Faculty of Agriculture - Damanhour

Faculty of Human / Dental Medicine

faculty of Pharmacy

Pharos University College of Pharmacy

Unit of the Scientific Academy of Pharmacological Research

Vision :
Activating the relationship between the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University on the one hand, and the pharmaceutical industry on the other hand. It also contributes to the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry. Establishing long-term joint projects with the pharmaceutical industries and drug research centers.

The mission:
The mission of the Scientific Academy of Pharmacological Research is summarized in developing the continuous performance and developing the competency skills of graduates of the College of Pharmacy by providing training courses that keep pace with the requirements of different pharmacist work sites locally and regionally.

There is also an effective role for the complex in solving the production problems of the pharmaceutical industry by conducting research and modern technologies and providing scientific advice, which ultimately leads to an effective contribution to promoting and diversifying the economic growth in the city of Alexandria and all over Egypt.

Objectives :
Providing all pharmaceutical services to the various productive sectors in the field of pharmacy for local, Arab and international pharmaceutical companies, namely:

Preparation of solutions for the Faculty of Dentistry research.
Preparation of solutions for solubility tests.
Providing laboratory advice to researchers.
Studies of developing and documenting the validity of pharmaceutical preparations.
Control methods for chemical, physical and microbiological studies.
Conducting pharmacology studies aimed at solving community problems.
Helping the university to improve educational and public service in the college.
Conducting analyzes of biological and non-biological samples and presenting the research results.

Strengthening cultural and scientific ties with other universities and scientific bodies at the global and Arab levels.
Providing many pharmaceutical services in the fields of pharmacy, health care, medicine industry, drug control, and the requirements of drug registration locally and internationally (a house of expertise for drug companies).
Assisting the productive activity with the scientific methods that lead to the development and creation of new methods that result in the abundance and multiplicity of production and the improvement of its quality.
Developing professional performance and developing the skills of workers in the fields of pharmacy, especially in the pharmaceutical industries sector.
Enhancing the ability of the Egyptian drug to enter the world market.
Assisting undergraduate students in dentistry in conducting their graduation projects in the field of microbiology pharmacy.

Regulations of Postgraduate Programmes Faculty of Pharmacy Alex Univ             PDF

Measurements and Assessments unit



Achieving excellence in measurements and assessments tools and this will lead to increase competitiveness among national and international universities.


Mission :

Continuous follow up of the measurements and assessment methods in the faculty through increasing awareness, training, analysis of the exams, monitor feedback mechanisms and confirming the alignments of assessment methods with the intended learning outcomes of the courses.



Measurements and Assessments unit in the faculty of pharmacy aims to :

1 - Promote the culture of continuous development of measurement and evaluation systems.

2 - Activate and follow-up question banks In view of the goals and criteria set for the decisions of the programs in the faculty.

3 - Update and follow-up on the question banks In view of the objectives and standards set for the decisions of the programs in the faculty.

4- Following up on enhancing the electronic infrastructure necessary for the unit's work.

5 - Follow up on activating the ethical charter for student evaluation systems in the college.

6 - Following up on strengthening the ethical charter for the college student evaluation systems.

7 - Activating and following up the faculty measurement and evaluation standards guide.

8 - Application and follow-up of electronic examinations, electronic correction, analysis of test results, and application of feedback mechanisms to take corrective actions if needed.

9 - Encouraging research in the field of developing measurement and evaluation systems and encouraging the exchange of experiences in this field.

Head of dep. : Prof. Dr. Ahmed Wahid Mahmoud Mohamed


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