Faculty Of Pharmacy

The Faculty hosts a paper as well as electronic library.

The paper library contains 7971 books and is divided into two sections: -

a section for students and another for faculty members. The library scientific reference

books are updated every year with a number of new and diverse references in all disciplines

of the faculty as well as the scientific periodicals in the professor’s library.

The library offers many services, such as the possibility to photocopy parts of the available books

at reasonable prices, as well as internal and external book borrowing. The book borrowing

service was recently updated with the installation of the bar code system to facilitate and regulate the process.

The digital library includes 30 computers connected to the Internet and it provides

a free browsing service for faculty members to access various periodicals and electronic books.

The library service is offered throughout the school year between 9am and 5pm and

between 9am and 2pm during summer and midyear vacations.

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