Faculty Of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical research complex:

The pharmaceutical research complex works on the improvement of the performance and the continuous development

of the skills of the Faculty graduates. The unit organizes workshops to help pharmacists cope with the requirements

of the pharmacy market locally and regionally.

The unit also helps solving the productivity problems in the pharmaceutical industry by conducting research and providing scientific consultations,

which eventually leads to an economic growth in Alexandria and all over Egypt.

The activities of the pharmaceutical research complex:
• The continuous education programs.

• Technical consulting to resolve the problems of the pharmaceutical industry.
• The organization of workshops for students and graduates to link the university to the community and the pharmaceutical industry.
• Helping to improve the education as well as the public service at the faculty.
• Strengthening the cultural and scientific ties with other universities and scientific communities in the Arab world and globally.
• Providing many pharmaceutical services in the fields of pharmacy, health care, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical quality control

as well as the requirements of drug registration the drug locally and globally (house of experience for drug companies).
• Using scientific techniquesto increase the productivity and improve quality.
• Improving the professional performance and the development of the skills of those working in the different pharmaceutical sectors,

especially the pharmaceutical industry.
• Specialized workshopsto improve the professional performance.
• The organization of the job fair and participating in the environmental forum.

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