Faculty Of Pharmacy

The unit serves as the link between the faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria University and the pharmaceutical industry.

It contributes tothe continued development of the pharmaceutical industry, and the establishment of joint projects

with the pharmaceutical industry and centers of pharmaceutical research.
The unit provides the following pharmaceutical services to the various drug companiesnationally, and internationally:
• Stability studies.
• Solubility rate studies.
• Bio-equivalence exemption studies.
• Studies of the development and documentation of the credibility of the pharmaceutical products.
• Monitoring of the chemical, physical and microbiological studies.
• Conducting pharmaceutical studies aiming to solve the problems of the community.
• Analysis of biological and non-biological samples and providing research results.
• Enhancing the Egyptian medicine's ability to invade the global markets.
• Providing the help to researchers and post graduate students in the preparation of their research.

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