Faculty of Pharmacy

Out the prospective of the Faculty of Pharmacy's prospective and keenness to train its graduates in Ministry of Health hospitals, a cooperation protocol was signed on Wednesday, 22/3/2023, between Prof. Mervat Kassem, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Dr. Amira Tahio, secretary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria . This was signed in accordance with the Faculty belief in the importance of qualifying the prospective pharmacists for effective participation as members of the medical team to achieve an integrated health service.
The cooperation protocol aims to train students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, in hospitals affiliated to the Directorate of Health Affairs, in addition to prospective cooperation in the fields of scientific research, as well as participation in seminars and conferences of common interest.

Dr. Mervat Kassem commented that starting from the academic year 2019, the implementation of the new regulations for studying in the faculty of pharmacy has begun to grant graduates a bachelor’s degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and a Bachelor’s degree of Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy (PharmD Clinical). This course of study includes five academic years in addition to a training year (compulsory) in various fields Pharmaceutical work, especially hospitals, where the Faculty is keen to provide the best training opportunities for its students

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