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Within the framework of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Alexandria University, the former is in the process of implementing the first plan of the “ Hakson program” for the youth of the “New Republic”, under the slogan "Youth solutions for facing challenges". That is offered to young people to present their ideas for six different paths and challenges as follows:

1. E-commerce
2. Food security
3. Innovative social media
4. Rationalizing water consumption
5. Electronic blackmail
6. Developmental ideas for improving the work environment within the Ministry of Youth and Sports, youth directorates and youth centers

Registration is done through the following link:


Or through the Kayani app:


Following registration, fill out the electronic form, which includes sharing a presentation video that helps understand the idea presented

That includes:
1) An introduction to (the person/team),
2) An introduction about the project idea.

The video should be in Arabic
It should not exceed two minutes.

After that, the work is submitted to the management of the University Student Union and the Science Club in the General Administration of Youth Welfare in front of the Faculty of Engineering

*Last date for registration and submission is Sunday 20/8/2023 *

The program will be implemented in three stages:

The first stage: competition takes place at the level of university faculties, then escalation of the best to the next stage.

The second stage: A closed camp will be organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to work on developing ideas and final presentations with the help of an experts and specialists committee.

The third and final stage: the ideas will be presented in a live final event to a group of decision-makers and experts.

* Contest conditions:
• The applicant must be a university student or a graduate student.

• He/she should not be less than 18 years old, and not exceeding 35 years.

• The idea submitter may be one student or a group of students whose number does not exceed (5).

• Having an innovative, clear, sustainable and feasible technical idea related to the 6 identified challenges.

• Participants are not required to be programmers or technology experts. Submission is open to owners of creative ideas or technical solutions, whether they are technical experts or non-specialists with proposed ideas.

• Having the appropriate experience to implement the idea or supervise its implementation.

For contact and inquiries:
Mr. Mohamed Fawzi 01551268719

Mr. Ali Ahmed 01223184822

Mr. Abdullah Ibrahim 01280522857

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