Faculty of Pharmacy

Under the auspices of Prof. Mervat Amin Kassem, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Alexandria University, and Prof. Sherif Ahmed Rostom, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.
And under the supervision of Dr. Samah Elsohafy-Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy and Dr. Sarah Abdalla El-Lakany-Lecturer, Department of Industrial Pharmacy:
A group of students and graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, namely: Ahmed Tarek, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Abdel Rahman Sherif, Basil Fathy Saeed (graduates of the class of 2023) and Omar Al-Abd (fifth year Pharm D), in cooperation with Engineer Aya Suleiman (Engineering 2019) and Engineer Mayar Sami (Computers and Information 2019), developed a mobile application for smartphones, which aims to reduce the individual carbon footprint of students, faculty members and employees of the faculty.
The mobile application allows the active engagement of the students in the Green Cycle initiative, where the application will be downloaded completely free of charge through the university's email.
To encourage students to use this app and actively participate in the initiative, this app allows them to earn green points by participating in waste recycling. The greater the participation, the higher the number of points and chances of winning one of the scheduled prizes, including participation in the PHS Conference 2024 for free.
The application will alert the user, through a notification, of the dates of bringing waste that can be recycled from home, which contributes to creating a positive impact on the community and environment in which the project is implemented.
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