Faculty of Pharmacy

Congratulations to Alexandria University!
Alexandria University was ranked third at the level of Egyptian universities in the British QS classification that was announced for the year 2022. The University was ranked 323 globally in engineering and technology. Alexandria University was distinguished in the world ranking of numerous fields petroleum engineering (rank 51-100), civil engineering (150-200), electrical and electronic engineering (151-200), mechanical engineering (301-350), and chemical engineering (351-400).
It was also ranked 375th globally in the field of life sciences and medicine. Alexandria University was distinguished as well in the following fields: pharmacy and pharmacology (worldwide ranking 151-200), agriculture and forestry (201-250), in medicine (351-400), and in biological sciences (451-500).
Alexandria University was also included in the Natural Sciences major. It excelled in materials science and ranked 401-410 worldwide, and in chemistry (451-500).

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