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Egyptian scientist from Alexandria University wins The BRIGHT Futures Prize 2022

Dr. Abdel Aziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, congratulated Dr. Ahmed El-Zoghby, Lecturer of drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical technology, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, (currently working as lecturer at Brigham Hospital - Teaching Hospital, Harvard Medical School), for awarding his research project, The BRIGHT Futures Prize 2022.
The prize was awarded by a specialized scientific committee of Harvard medical professors, and he became the first Egyptian scientist to win this award from Harvard Medical School.
The selection of the winning project, Nano-Engineering Turns Cancer Cell Friends into Foes, was based on community voting from all over the world, and ran for two weeks from September 21st until yesterday, October 7th.
Dr. Al-Zoghbi explained that the idea of the research is to target a type of fibroblast that coats and protects pancreatic cancer cells and acts as a barrier that prevents traditional treatments from reaching them, noting that the new research technique uses nano particles that perform genetic programming of these cells to make them kill cancer cells instead of protecting them and that is done by stimulating fibroblasts to manufacture exosomes that kill cancer cells. Dr. Al-Zoghbi indicated that there is an integrated research team from all disciplines to complete the research project.

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