Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy and the Nile Media Center organize a student symposium on loyalty, belonging and overcoming the challenges of Egyptian national security.


In commemoration of the glorious October victories, the Faculty of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the Nile Media Center, organized on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, a symposium entitled: “Loyalty, Belonging and Overcoming the Challenges of Egyptian National Security” in the College’s Conference Hall

In his speech, Major General A.H. Naji Shaheed stressed the importance of spreading awareness and consolidating the culture of loyalty and belonging among the Egyptian youth to face the challenges of the country, pointing to the need to confront the fourth generation wars that use the media and social media to spread false ideas and rumors and spread negative feelings. He said that the glorious October War and the years before and after it refer to The ability of the Egyptian person to confront and achieve victory under the most difficult circumstances.

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