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the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University is pleased to welcome you to participate in the wonderful cozy atmosphere of the International Conference on “Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences, PHS”. Following the great success of the previous conference PHS-2019 and the successive PHS-2020 & 2021 webinars, we are honored to welcome you in PHS-2022, which will be held in Hilton Green Plaza, Alexandria Egypt on 23-24 November 2022. PHS-2022 will continue involving valuable talks, fruitful discussions, oral and poster presentations as well as effective workshops covering many emerging topics related to pharmaceutical sciences, healthcare future vision and pharmacy practice. The PHS-2022 will provide an optimal environment for distinguished speakers, eminent scientists, industry leaders & representatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and other healthcare professionals to gather, present their work, share their experience and discuss it with their peers. In addition, PHS-2022 will gather a selected constellation of pharmacy and health care providers in a huge distinctive exhibition area in order to create an interactive atmosphere between academia and the industry.

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Congratulations to Alexandria University!
Alexandria University was ranked third at the level of Egyptian universities in the British QS classification that was announced for the year 2022. The University was ranked 323 globally in engineering and technology. Alexandria University was distinguished in the world ranking of numerous fields petroleum engineering (rank 51-100), civil engineering (150-200), electrical and electronic engineering (151-200), mechanical engineering (301-350), and chemical engineering (351-400).
It was also ranked 375th globally in the field of life sciences and medicine. Alexandria University was distinguished as well in the following fields: pharmacy and pharmacology (worldwide ranking 151-200), agriculture and forestry (201-250), in medicine (351-400), and in biological sciences (451-500).
Alexandria University was also included in the Natural Sciences major. It excelled in materials science and ranked 401-410 worldwide, and in chemistry (451-500).

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Sherif Roustom, vice dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexnadria University, for his effective contribution and efforts leading to awarding Alexandria University the FIRST PLACE in the “Environmentally friendly University competition” for the year 2021

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Congratulations to Fairouz Ashraf Abu Shall, the student in the Clinical Pharmacy Program for her active participation as a representative of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University in the (Be an Ambassador) campaign at the Ministry of Development and Planning. The campaign aims to train and qualify Egyptian youth to study global and national sustainable development goals and their applications to become ambassadors in their community for spreading such awareness.


The Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University signs an agreement with the ministry of Higher Education for funding a Competitive Excellence Project of Higher Education Institutions "CEPHEI".
An agreement has been signed between the ministry of Higher Education and the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University for funding CEPHEI project with a budget of 2.5 million EGP which is entitled:
Foundation of a medicinal plant extracts unit for production of herbal products standardized for humans.

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